Why You Need SA Vitamins Detox Slim 4

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Make your body work in your favor with just 3 capsules per day, when the body eliminates toxins, you stop retaining fluids, the inflammation that causes cellulite decreases and you feel lighter and more energetic.

Detox Slim 4 contains Curcumin that can fasten to capsaicin receptors and increase thermogenesis rates. This leads to greater fat burning and helps with weight loss.


Detox Slim 4 does the following:

- Detoxifying the liver (Stage 1 and 2) and protect cell damage caused due to environmental pollutants, attack from free radicals, alcohol, etc.

- Healthy fat burning that is critical to weight loss.

- Lowering blood cholesterol levels – especially LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol, it has lipid-lowering properties

- Decreasing fluid retention: you feel lighter and thinner.

- Elimination of inflammatory substances: fights cellulite.

- Metabolism acceleration: burns fat faster.

- Improving the health of cells: more energy and well-being for you.

- Removing various accumulated toxins that make you retain fluids and slow down the speed of your metabolism.

burning excess amounts of fats.


Suggested Use:

Take 1 capsule 3 times per day with a large glass of water 30 minutes to 1 hour before your meal, for best results use for 90 days.

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