Winter Defence 60 Capsules

Winter Defence 60 Capsules

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SA Vitamins Winter Defence antibiotic ingredients assist in protecting the body against bacteria at all times, with synthetic drugs this seem not to be the case as bacteria contain the genetic material to resist synthetic drugs.

This all NATURAL antibiotic cold and flu remedy and immune booster protects the whole body against illness caused by bacteria, protozoa and viruses, SA Vitamins Winter Defense acts as a natural immune booster, antiviral and antibiotic solution to assists in the treatment of many conditions and  act and supports the body especially during the resistance to normal antibiotics caused by overuse or misuse.

  • All Natural Antibiotic
  • For common colds, take 2 capsules daily after meals
  • For health maintenance take 1 capsule daily after meals
  • Natural Immune booster
  • Prevents and fights infections
  • Natural antifungal, Anti-Oxidants and Antiviral substances
  • Protects the body against illness caused by bacteria, protozoa and viruses
  • Hangover Cure

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