Alpha-L Hydrator

Alpha-L Hydrator

  • R 305.00


Alpha-L Hydrator is a light oil based product which contains Alpha Lipoic Acid and Ascorbyl Palmitate. Alpha Lipoic Acid is the ONLY anti-oxidant which has the capacity to neutralize the effect of Free-Radicals in both fatty and water based environments. This is important to fight and combat Environmental Damage and Premature ageing. The actives such as Evening Primrose, Jojoba and Arnica oil has a soothing and healing effect on the skin.

Prescribed Skin Type: Premature and Environmental Damaged (Dry and Dehydrated)

Product pH: 5.0 – 6.2

30ml bottle with dispenser pump.



* Reduces bruising and scars, wound healing improvement
* Increase energy production in aged skin cells
* Fights free radicals, intra and extra cellular
* Is the strongest Anti-oxidant available



* ½ - 1 Squirt of the Alpha-L Hydrator can be applied over whole face, neck and décolleté area.
* Apply before the Night Balancing Crème in the evening.
* As this is a treatment product, it can be used 2 → 3 times a week.
* Recommendation: Excellent to use in conjunction with the Mito-Cell Q10.