Day Night Creme

Day Night Creme

  • R 609.00


This combination of a Day/Night Crème is ideal for the still firm and tough skin with no visual damage. After normalising the Stratum Corneum penetration to the deeper layers of the skin is possible. By penetrating as deep as the dermal layer, the functions of the skin can normalise oil secretions. By lubricating the skin with its own natural oils takes years of one’s visual appearance. Take note that this combination we can’t prove to cure problem skins.

Prescribed Skin Type:* Firm and tough skins up to the age of 40 years.

Product pH: 6.5 – 7.0

50ml Airless Bottle.



Strengthens connective tissue.
Encourage performance of Vitamin A.
Rejuvenate and enhance cell turnover process.
Stimulate cell growth in damaged skin.
Improve even skin tone and discolouration.



Apply gently but lavishly to a cleansed dry skin mornings and evenings.
Work into the skin in mornings after Daily Lift is removed.
Note that this products has the ability to retain moisture, the UV Skin Guard spf 20 is a must.