DUO Masque

DUO Masque

  • R 685.00


Duo Masque contains exquisite and carefully selected botanical extracts. The natural healing and rejuvenation power of Crystalised Centella Asiatica, truly creates a “state-of-the-art” protein facial masque. The ingredients have the ability to penetrate as deep as the Dermal layer of the skin. It stimulates the production of Collagen type I and type III. It increases the skin’s Elasticity and ensures better Epithelisation (skin forming). It is also very powerful in stimulating the skin to manufacture Catalase, a powerful anti aging anti-oxidant.  Duo Masque has the ability to stimulate the re-growth of Connective tissue, which is excellent for post operative treatment, scar repair and wound healing, post acne texture repair and rejuvenation. Excellent for treatment of Psoariasis, Eczema, Sensitivity, Acne skins, severe sunburn and sunburn relief. With continuous use, both Professional Salon treatment and as HomeCare, Duo Masque will ensure to improve the skin’s physiological functionality and visible appearance.


Prescribed Skin Type:  Suitable for ALL skin types

Product pH:    3.5 – 4.5


50ml bottle.

Key Points:

* Work on the facial muscles (shrinking and tightening effect)

* Improve appearance of scars and wound healing

* Stable form of Vitamin C and Vitamin A

* Regulator of skin cells and enhance turnover

* Increase Enzyme activity

Directions for use:

* Apply a thin layer of the Duo Masque over the whole face, neck and décolleté area after the Multi Action Daily Lift has been removed.

* Leave to dry for 20± minutes.

* When Duo masque is completely dry a “pulling” effect will be experienced …

* Using hot compress method, ensure the dried masque is “wet” and re-moistened.

* Remove thoroughly with cotton treatment hand gloves or dampened sterile gauze pads.

* Use 1 x a week or as prescribed.