Fat Scraper - NOW 60% OFF

Fat Scraper - NOW 60% OFF

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The newly developed Fat Scraper capsules are a combination of various great ingredients designed to enhance your mood, boost your energy, burn stored fat, curb your appetite, and shrink that tummy and flabbiness all over your body. This product is great for any individual from you normal day to day person to the heavy weight gym enthusiast.



Take 1-2 capsule a day after a meal with water preferably in the morning.



L – Carnitine Fumarate                          

Vitamin B12                                                       

L – Leucine                                                         

L – Arginine                                                       


Choline Bitrate

L – Methionine

Betaine Anhydrous

Vitamin B1

Folic Acid

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Raspberry Ketones Extract

Garcinia Cambogia

Coleus Forskohlii