Olinia Face Toner

Olinia Face Toner

  • R 220.00


Rose water invigorates & freshens the skin while also providing moisturisation, especially in the dryer winter months.

Aloe leaf juice is very nutritive to the skin, containing over 200 nutritional substances including important minerals, amino acids, active enzymes and vitamins. It soothes the skin and is also anti-inflammatory while protecting the skin from UV damage due to its content of the active substance aloin.

The key ingredients of Aloe can be absorbed by the skin up to 7 layers deep, also aiding collagen production in the deeper skin layers by stimulating fibroblast cells. Aloe can help break down dead skin cells, and is therefore a great cleansing and detoxifying agent.

The plant essential oils are antimicrobial and keep the skin surface clean, while also providing anti-inflammatory protection.



100% natural Rose Otto flower distillate (rose water)
100% natural Aloe barbadensis/vera leaf juice
100% natural essential oils of grapefruit, lavender and spearmint

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