Olinia Face Wash

Olinia Face Wash

  • R 220.00


Argan seed extract providing the valuable oil is very nourishing to the skin and prevents premature ageing. This oil is great at preventing flaking of the skin and can be seen as a serum for the skin.

Saw palmetto fruit extract helps to maintain collagen production in the skin, thus preventing weakening of the skin & wrinkles; it cleanses the skin and reduces excess sebum.

Sesame seed extract is rich in antioxidants that pull toxins from the skin. The extract is also rich in zinc that is important for normal collagen production and heals damaged tissues.

Jojoba seed oil most closely resembles human sebum, the substance that your body produces to lubricate and waterproof the skin. Jojoba is even good for people with oily skins to help regulate the amount of sebum the skin makes.

The essential oils are added as natural fragrance that also have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action.


100% natural Argan seed kernel extract
100% natural Saw palmetto fruit extract
100% natural sesame seed extract
100% natural Jojoba seed oil
100% natural essential oils