pH Balancing Skin Revitalizer

pH Balancing Skin Revitalizer

  • R 364.00


A unique two-phase system to refine, smooth and normalise the skins natural pH (Acid Mantle). This product also effectively minimises pores and prevent salt accumulation on the skin’s outer layer. An abnormal pH can result in Pigmentation, Premature ageing and build up of excessive dead cells on the outer layer of the skin A must use for active outdoor people. It is also known for its healing ability.

Suitable for ALL skin types.

Product pH: 5.5 – 6.5

120ml bottle with spray pump.



* Increase blood circulation
* Anti-oxidant, antiseptic and anti-microbial
* Astringent and pH balancing, protection of skin barrier
* Reduce inflammation on skin and prepare skin for penetration of active ingredients


* Shake the pH Balancing Skin Revitalizer well before spritzing onto the skin surface, as the product’s two phase ingredients need to mix.
* Spray onto cleansed skin, at least twice daily before Pro-Active Lotion and before Night Balancing Crème (or after Masque has been removed or before all Add-on products).
* Ensure that the pH Balancing Skin Revitalizer is completely absorbed by the skin before next product application.
* Problematic skins, active and outdoor people can apply as often as needed.