SA-V Buff | Tubular Bandana

  • R 149.00


Why Multifunctional Bandanas? Due to the versatility of our 100% Polyester Microfibre Bandanas, they will be put to good use by users while engaging in their favorite outdoor activity, providing your company with maximum brand exposure long after the event.

Most other promotional items are thrown away after first use. Multifunctional 100% polyester microfibre bandanas are ideal for promotional and advertising purposes. Customised bandana’s can be used to promote or launch a product, re-sell at events, corporate giveaways, as protective headwear for outdoor staff who are exposed to the elements or part of school uniforms. Ideal for kitchen staff too.

The variety of applications are endless. Multifunctional Bandanas This unique item is a multifunctional headwear accessory made from 100% polyester microfibre. It is stretchy and seamless and provides maximum comfort and protection from sun, wind, cold & dust, including outstanding moisture management and sun protection. A very popular accessory for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Ways To Wear:

Many different styles including;

The Pirate, beanie, scrunchie, scarf, mask, headscarf, ski mask, headband, your style, etc.