SereniT Sereen 30 Capsules

SereniT Sereen 30 Capsules

  • R 160.00


30 Capsules per box.

Sceletium is a Traditional African Medicine and has been used as a tool to elevate mood and to enhance people’s enjoyment of life.

Nowadays Sceletium has shown promise in assisting people that suffer from stress, anxiety or depression. It also acts as a mood enhancer and general cognitive enhancer for people who need to study for long hours or work long days.

The way Sceletium does this is through assisting the brain in optimizing the function of serotonin. It does this through processes that work on the 5-HT  and PDE-4 receptors of the brain.   These two  receptors are responsible for the chemicals in our brains that regulate mood, cognition, memory, anxiety and stress.

Sereen is standardized to ensure that every batch has a Total  Alkaloid Content of 0.5%. This standardization ensures quality in every batch.

Traditional African Medicine used as:


Sceletium is known to relieve anxiety and tension.

Stress Reliever

Sceletium is a natural approach to providing relief to stress.

Mood Elevator

Sceletium improves mood and increases feelings of happiness and wellbeing.


Sceletium soothes uncomfortable emotions and increases positive emotional states.




Contains 200mg Sceletium Tortuosum per caps

  • Dosage

Take  1 to 2 capsules up to 2 times per day after meals.

  • Warnings

Do not use while taking  prescription medication for depression and bi-polar conditions. Safety during  pregnancy and lactation has not been established.