Term & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SA Vitamins authorized reseller/agent.

SA Vitamins offer you a unique opportunity to sell our great natural range of weight loss, health, sport nutritional and organic beauty products, you can earn good income by just selling our products to your respective customers and make a healthy 30% + profit on all products sold, you will receive a 30% discount on all our prices and specials advertised at all times. You can increase this income by recruiting unlimited agents and receive a % income monthly on all their sales and on all their agents they appoint, grow your group now and introduce unlimited agents under you and start earning.

We provide you with the means of creating personal wealth and to earn an income or to supplement your existing income, work full time or part-time and start a flourishing business on your own, work from home or anywhere you want.

Once approved and registered on our system, you will be listed on our web site and we will send you all information and pricelists of the various products we offer. You can start by placing your first order, your products will be delivered to your address via courier and all orders are delivered within 3 days.

Once you are a registered agent and you placed your 1st order, you can start to refer and sign up agents and earn commission on their sales. The more agents you assign or recruit, the bigger your group of agents grow and the more passive income you will earn.

The SA Vitamins income model is a multilevel marketing model (MLM), and it has been proven many times throughout the world, that multilevel marketing business models are the ideal home business that are the most successful. The MLM business model from SA Vitamins allows you to earn a good income while we teach you everything you need to know, with our unique MLM business model you can duplicate your income many times by recruiting other people to join this program and by introducing them to the business, and this will create residual income for yourself and others.

The challenge of starting your own business is always exciting, but it is also the first step to financial independence, when you start your business make sure that it is the right business for you and that it will fit in with your lifestyle.

Thank you for your interest in our products and we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the sales, money and passive income you will be making.


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