Baby Porridge Vital Bites - MASSIVE DISCOUNT

Baby Porridge Vital Bites - MASSIVE DISCOUNT

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SA Vitamins Baby Porridge is a great tasting vitamin healthy formulation for introducing solids to your baby’s diet. It’s made from superior ingredients where the ingredients have been broken down, producing a porridge with a smooth texture, ensuring easy swallowing and gentleness on your baby’s tummy.

It contains all the necessary nutrients that your baby needs for a healthy, balanced diet.
When looking for the perfect meal for your baby, look no further. With its great taste and impressive list of vitamins and minerals, you will not go wrong when choosing SA Vitamins Baby Porridge for your baby’s next meal.


As a dietary supplement, mix 30g with 40-60 ml water, formula or breastmilk.




Vitamin C 

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B1

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Magnesium Oxide Heavy

Vitamin A 

Oat Flour

Rice Flour

Wheat Flour


Whey Protein Concentrate