Fat Burner Thermogenic 60 Capsules

Fat Burner Thermogenic 60 Capsules

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This Super FAT BURNER capsule contains the synephrine and caffeine mix that is well known for its fat burning and energy benefits, together with the added Green Tea Extract and L-Tyrosine, this all-natural capsules enhances and prolongs the core fat-burning effects. To add to the effectiveness of this fat burner the Guggelsterones ingredients help to regulate thyroid function further, enhancing the fat-burning properties of the tablet even more.


  • Fast Acting Fat Burning
  • Thermogenic Burner
  • Thyroid Activation
  • Super Extended Energy
  • Increased mental function
  • Optimized Workout
  • Increased Metabolism



Take one to two capsules before breakfast in the morning & afternoon 30 minutes before your meal or before your training session. For additional energy, take two to three capsules before your training/event. 



Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have or have had low blood pressure.



Coleus Forskoli, Green Tea Extract 95%, Caffeine Anhydrous, and Yerba/Finomate complex



Two to three capsules before training session or event 

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